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All top quality Radical RC LIFE packs in capacity order. We are happy to customize with any connector, wire type or lengh. Even multiple output connectors (for dual switches or direct charge) if you wish. Don't see what you like? Put your request in the notes section of your order and we'll do our best to please.

Note: The cell chemistry is Lithium Ion Ferite, like the famous A123 cells. These packs are intended for RX use, not high discharge use like the A123 brand cells are so famous for. LiFe packs resemble Lipo packs in shape and feel. Always charge on chargers with LiFe or A123 mode, never in Lipo mode or modes for any other chemistry or fire may result.

Whenever new cells become available, we talk to many people who rush to conclude that prior safety and maintainance practices are no longer required. Regardless of what battery you use for an RX, it's always prudent to apply normal safety and cycling practices.

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