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evoJet Orbit PC Interface Update Kit Serial/USB Port - Product Image
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evoJet Orbit PC Interface Update Kit Serial/USB Port

The MICROLADER PC interface connects your evoJet Orbit MICROLADER to the USB port of a Windows PC and allows you to record and evaluate battery data in real time. An ideal tool for battery diagnostics and maintenance. Included items: RS-232 interface board for installation in the MICROLADER, DB9/USB cable, MICROLOG software (Windows 95 or later)
SKU Number: EVO0560

Price: $53.00 

Castle Creations C-Link USB PC Interface ESC programmer - Product Image
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Castle Creations C-Link USB PC Interface ESC programmer

Is "stick" programming your Phoenix brushless controller getting old? Can't remember what settings are programmed in your ESC? Why hassle with transmitter stick programming when you can plug your Phoenix brushless controller into the C-Link Windows(TM) compatible programming adapter and the USB port on your PC? This little gem just made your Phoenix speed controller even better by allowing:

Set up of programmable options with point and click ease.
View your current Phoenix program settings.
Customize values for low-voltage cutoff, prop brake strength and governor mode gain.
Download new software updates via the internet as they become available.

NEW revised interface featuring:
All-in-one support for Phoenix, Mamba, Barracuda, Phoenix HV, and Thunderbird brushless controllers!
Now with saved settings files!
New "check for updates" feature!
Totally automatic install!
Expanded programming and parameters for all Castle car controllers
No complicated connections! It's as easy as:
1. Download the interface software from our Software area.
2. Plug the C-Link into the receiver lead on your Phoenix controller and attach the mini USB cable included in the kit.
3. Connect the USB cable to your PC.
The C-Link works with all Castle Creations brushless controllers (manufacturing date August 2003 or later, Marine versions not compatible).
Castle Creations Warranty Info.

Price: $19.95 



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