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Fourmost Hinge Slotter - Product Image
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Fourmost Hinge Slotter

The Fourmost Hinge Slotter cuts to the center of 4 of the most common size thicknesses of balsa wood sheet 3/32",1/8",3/16" and 1/4". To adjust, simply match the depth guide to your sheet thickness, insert the blade, and secure the screws. Slotting is achieved by carefully running the slotter along the sheet using the depth guide as a fence.

While supplies last, Fourmost products can be purchased directly at

SKU Number: FOR115
Price: $4.89 

Hinge Slotting Tool - Product Image
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Hinge Slotting Tool

Du-Bro Hinge Slotter Kit takes the hassle out of slotting control surfaces for gluing hinges. The centering/parallel guide centered hinge slotter on up to 3/4" material. Four handle set plus guide and centering tool for three different size slotting forks: mini, standard and heavy duty hinges. Designed to work with all Du-Bro hinges. The 3 slotters and the "picker" are permanently mounted to red nylon handles. Packaged in reusable, recyclable clam shell storage blister.

SKU Number: DUB660
Price: $9.79 

Du-Bro Kwik-Hinge Slotter - Product Image
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Du-Bro Kwik-Hinge Slotter

Slotter guide and cutter/picker tools for your own hobby knife handle. Although handles are shown in the Du-Bro factory photo, only but blades and alignment jigs are included in this item.
SKU Number: DUB216
Price: $3.80 

Robart Hinge Point Drill Jig - Product Image
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Robart Hinge Point Drill Jig

Handy drilling jig insures a center drilled hole for Robart Hinge Points. Simple thread-in drill bushing for 1/8" and 3/16" included.
SKU Number: ROB319
Price: $5.99 

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