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Foam Cutting Power Supply, Special Order - Product Image
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Foam Cutting Power Supply, Special Order

Our dual range power supply is capable of driving bows up to 48" long. Designed to be used with our .016 Ni-Chrome wire and similar available in the hobby world. Hand built in our shop into a metal cabnet with quality components.

Our power supply is fully isolated so no worries about electric shocks from the city power supply as is possible with non-isolated power supplies. Non isolated power supplies could shock the user if touching any part of the wire or spring rods.

100% Duty cycle with wire specified up to 48" set to reasonable foam cutting temps.

Standard 4mm banana inputs for easy reliable connection to your bow. Runs on 110-120V with standard US grounded plug.

A little known fact, one of our first products was simple and affordable foam cutting equipment. Now made available again.

Generally not in stock, built on an as needed per order basis, we'll ship as soon as we build it. Thank you for your pre-order and patience. 

Price: $119.00 

Foam Cutting Ni-Chrome Wire - Product Image
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Foam Cutting Ni-Chrome Wire

10' of .016 NiChrome wire. The classic choice for foam cutting and approved for our power supplies.
Price: $4.00 

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