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Battery charging should only be done under supervision. Lithiums should only be changed/discharged under supervision and in a fireproof container or setting.

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Astro Flight 123 Lithium Ion Ferrite Phosphate Charger - Product Image
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Astro Flight 123 Lithium Ion Ferrite Phosphate Charger

Astro's charger for A123 Cells. Charges from one to ten cell A123 Lithium Iron Ferrite Phosphate cells. Charge rate 50 ma to 9 amps.
Cell Types Lithium Polymer
Minimum Cells One cell
Maximum Cells Ten cells
Maximum Charge rate 9 amps
Minimum Charge rate 50 ma
Charge Time cut off 10 hours
Discharge Rate 1.25 amps
Discharge cut off 3 volts per cell
Current Display 50 ma to 10 amps
Voltage Display 0 volt to 40 volts
Charge time Display hrs, min and seconds
Milliamp hour Display 0 to 95 amp hours
Supply Voltage 12 to 15 volts
Supply Current 0.1 to 16 amps

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Price: $116.95 

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